About Us

TEAM  MO WRESTLING CLUB is excited for you to join our growing program.  We currently have 8 experienced coaches that provide basic and advance wrestling training.  Each season we have many wrestlers that bring home medals from AAU and USA State.

Our team has had a lot of history in that area.  We are a combination of two teams, Mehlville and Oakville.  Each teams program has been getting wrestlers ready to succeed in high school programs for decades.  In 2014, our two teams decided to merge together to form Team MO and pool our resources. Since that move, our team has grown rapidly and our program has gained respect from other programs in the area.  We host one of the best tournaments in the state and that shows by how it grows each year.    

We love teaching and training to get wrestlers ready for the highly completive high school programs.  Over  the years we have seen many state champions come through our program.  But most importantly, we have seen kids gain confidence and friendships.  We look forward to meeting you and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.